Australian cricket going DOWN Under behind the scenes???

After last week’s 1st Investec Ashes test, I think Australia showed the nation and the world that they are not a test side that will be walked over and humiliated  as some of the  press had made it sound in the months building up to this ashes series.

The performance of the Aussies was terrific and it made the match exciting to watch- especially on the final day. Obviously the stand out player for the team from down under was the 19 year old Ashton Agar who scored an impressive 98 in his first innings and bowled effectively. He is a star in the making, maybe not as prolific as Shane Warne, but he can reach superstardom if he continues to perform as he did at Trent Bridge.

The Australia camp however isn’t as united as again portrayed by the media. Former Australia coach Mickey Arthur is suing Cricket Australia for unfair dismissal and is demanding a hefty £2.4 million. This had outraged some greats of the Aussie game such as Shane Warne, who simply stated that Arthur is “out of order”.

It took a press conference from Australia captain Michael Clark, who insisted that the wallabies camp is united and are ready for the 2nd test at Lords which commencing tomorrow. However, some of the body language of other cricketers, most noticeably Shane Watson, seems to contradict Clarke and show that the team are not communicating or united.

Whatever happens, England will know they have a tougher job of retaining the Ashes as many had predicted, even if the Aussies are quite happy bouncing kangaroos.

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