What Could Cesc Fabregas Bring to Manchester United?

David Moyes revealed today in a press conference that Manchester United have made a second bid to lure Cesc Fabregas away from the clutches of his childhood club FC Barcelona.  The bid is around £30m, and this is seen as a rather reasonable bid, according to the Man United boss. But, is the Spanish international and former Arsenal captain the true key signing that this Manchester United team need; is he the right player to make United more competitive in the middle of the park, are there alternative players in the same price bracket or already in the squad?

I have watched Cesc since he moved to Arsenal in 2004. As a football fanatic, I loved to sit and watch every match of the day possible over the season, and each time Arsenal were on I always remember watching a very young Spaniard tip toe his way through defences, and pin passes through the defence for the attacker to spring on to, some of his passes were like sticking needle through a thread, they were immaculate. Cesc Fabregas is a very good passer of a ball, but so is Michael Carrick, very rarely did you see Carrick give away the ball last season, he was very consistent and that’s why Sir Alex also chose him in his starting eleven in nearly every game last season.

Since returning to Barcelona, he has found himself playing in a far more attacking position, and quite noticeably as a “non-striker” in a forward role in Euro 2012 for Spain. This has enhanced his play moving forward and scoring goals, but in a Catalonian shirt, he has struggled to make a impact as he did at Arsenal, he hasn’t bonded with the fans like he had in London, but like I have said,  he has gained more attacking ability in his game, he can run at players and score goals much more easily then he could at Arsenal, but again Shinji Kagawa can do this, another current United player, who if he hadn’t been injured for so long last season,  could have made much more of an impact, I think Kagawa is a star player who will become a United favourite.

Cesc does though have leadership qualities which the united midfielders lack at the moment; he has captained Arsenal, guiding them to the Champions League every season, although not to a trophy. His leadership skills and experience could help make the young Tom Cleverley and Nick Powell’s become even greater prospects. He knows how to win the big matches in both the league and the Champions League. But is £30m for his services really needed?

Yes, yes they are. Although it seems like he has the same capabilities as current Manchester United midfielders, Cesc Fabregas has that leadership quality that can help the Man United team. He is strong, both on and off the ball; he can pass the ball so perfectly, and score goals. One thing I am looking forward to if this transfer happens is the reuniting of Fabregas and Robin Van Persie, these two bonded at Arsenal and they both benefited from each other, they were like key partnerships such as Rooney and Ronaldo, Gerrard and Torres, Lampard and Drogba. These two could seriously lead a Man United charge to a successive defence of their Premier league crown should Fabregas sign for the red devils.

You know United are keen on this deal to happen, as the Chief Executive had flown to Manchester from Sydney to make this move happen, and for the case of the Premier league title race, I hope the move happens too.

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