Everyone has an opinion on everything in life, I just decide to write mine online.

Hello and welcome to my humble abode.

It’s not the prettiest I’m the first to admit that, but it’s still a pretty, cosy site. Not to claustrophobic, Easy to navigate around and plenty for everyone to read.

So sorry, where are my manners? Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Liam Richner and I’m currently working within the sports broadcasting industry.

After three years of booze infested evenings, sleep deprivation and lots of deadlines,¬† I’m proud to have graduated with an Upper Second (2:1) BA Honours degree in Sports Journalism from Southampton Solent University in 2017.

In the two years since graduation I’ve worked at Bath Rugby as a Junior Communications Assistant and covered Swindon Town Football Club on a freelance basis.

So why am I blogging if I’m working in broadcasting these days? It is quite simple really. I miss writing about the things I love.

This blog has been running since my secondary school days way back when. I see an online blog as the 21st Century journal. Once you start you don’t really want to stop. I’d like to think in 50 years’ time I can look back at this blog and reminiscence about sporting moments, top movies and my life in general.

So that is what this blog is about. I’m opening my online house for you guys to visit, with each room telling a different story:

The Sport Room: Who doesn’t want a man-cave with a pool and hockey table? Imagine inviting your mates for a game, beer and games! Ahhh dreamy. My online man-cave lacks all of that, but does have some pretty neat sport posts. I’m a huge Brighton and Hove Albion and Indiana Pacers fan, so expect plenty of content about them amongst other sports and sporting events.

The Cinema Room: One thing I love to do away from work is head to the movies, order some popcorn and a huge fizzy drink I’ll later regret when peeing for minutes on end after the film has finished. I like to review movies from time to time so be sure to check those out here, along with my opinion on all things binge-worthy on TV.

The Travel Room: Ok, unrealistic! No one has a travel agents at their home, but this is online and imaginary so I can do what I want. This will be a new section open to view in 2020 – my travel blogs. My girlfriend and I have been on some exciting adventures already, and from next year I plan to share these with you all. Prepare for mum-like spamming of photos of everything!

Here you will find strictly my own views, unless another is noted. If you enjoy your time here be sure to leave comments, share and recommend to a friend.

Anyway, enough about me. Keep that view count rising!

Enjoy reading!!



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