Should Luis Suarez go or should he stay?

Over the summer Luis Suarez has been a subject which has surrounded the transfer saga since the end of last season. He has been constantly hinting exiting through the Anfield doors, but where could the Uruguayan go? Here are the three destinations which he has been linked too and how i think he could fit into any of these sides.

Real Madrid

One of the first clubs showing interest in the striker were Spanish giants Real Madrid. The team from the Spanish capital look to have Gonzalo Higuain leaving the Bernabeu and Suarez would be a perfect replacement. I believe that a partnership with Karim Benzema could materialise into one of the most deadly in Europe, as well as working with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The problem that the troublesome talisman has is the Spanish media, who I think are much fiercer then the British press as proven in the Jose Mourinho saga near the end of his reign at Madrid. If Luis Suarez decided to let’s say bite a player or apparently racially abuse a player then the Spanish press would surround him like a herd of seagulls around you at the beach. Apart from the press, I could see Suarez fitting into the Madrid culture. The Spanish are like secret South Americans in my eyes, and for Luis a new experience in a new country would probably benefit him.


When I heard about Arsenal being interested in signing Suarez, I completely laughed it off at first, but after hearing a £30m bid had been rejected by Liverpool, then I knew this was a deadly serious offer, but I can’t see someone, who has only come out and said in the media of the love he has for Liverpool, that he would jump ship to join Arsenal. It’s like crossing the black pearl and moving onto the Flying Dutchman, a similar craft with a little more fire power. Arsenal have got some money to spend after the sells they have had in the previous few seasons and have the bargaining chip of the Champions League in their possession.  So watch this space people.


The newly crowned French ligue 1 champions have been linked with top striker Edison Cavani, but I feel this move may not happen, and therefore Suarez would make a good replacement target for the team from Paris. He, like at Madrid, could create a scary monster consisting of Himself, Zlatan Imbrahimovic and Lucas. I do question though if he would actually enjoy playing in France. The league itself isn’t as competitive as the ones in England and Spain. PSG have so much money that they can metaphorically buy the league away from rival clubs. Suarez may prefer to join a team that isn’t so backed financially.

However, I personally believe Suarez will start the new season on August 17th in a Liverpool shirt. He has been told he isn’t for sale and that Liverpool wants to keep without doubt their best player. He makes stuff happen at Anfield, he is loved by his fans up north and I do think that Liverpool will bring the best out of him both as a player and a professional sportsman.

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