Touchdown at Wembley: NFL in England is Growing in Popularity

NFL is becoming more and more popular in the UK after regular games are played at London’s Wembley Stadium. Since the international series has been established in 2007, ratings in the sport have raised yearly and now the NFL plan to extend their links to England’s Capital.

In 2014, three NFL games will be staged at Wembley with The Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders all playing ‘home’ games against opponents yet to be named in an attempt to grow the franchise here in the northern hemisphere.

Last month, a crowd of more than 83,000 watched the Minnesota Vikings beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-27 at Wembley. The owner of the Jaguars, Shahid Khan (Also the owner of Fulham Football Club) wants a link between his two teams, and for England to become the second home to the NFL. Khan said: “The experience the Jaguars have had already in London has been every bit what we anticipated and more, and this is all before we’ve even played our first game in Wembley Stadium. “We made the right decision to commit to playing a home game in London each season through 2016.”

You never know; one day Wembley may play host to perhaps the largest sports event in USA- the Super bowl.  But that’s for the future; right now we can just look forward to regular matches here in England and a gross in interest in the sport in England

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