Is Vettels’ Domiance ruining F1?

As we enter the final stages of another F1 season, it has once again been dominated by perhaps one of the best talents to ever take part in the sport, Sebastian Vettel. The German has one the past four races and seems likely to make it four consecutive world championships.

The German has been in a league of his own in the past few races, with his latest win in the Singapore nightlight the most convincing, leading to cries of moaning and booing for the current World champ. People don’t like to see dominance in a sport, and the fans are now starting to get somewhat annoyed about the lack of competition.

We can’t just Blame Sebastian for this though, he is a marvellous talent to watch and it’s just a shame that he doesn’t seem to have anyone capable to mount a serious challenge on the German. There are no cars either that can match the pace of Vettel’s Red Bull. Lotus made an early statement of intent along with Mercedes and Ferrari, but as the season has progressed the Red Bull has developed and just can’t be matched for raw pace and ability.

It would be nice to see some more competition in the sport, but personally I enjoy watching Sebastian Vettel, he is truly a world class maestro at Formula One. He manages to take the car to the extreme and pull results out, even if it doesn’t look likely. He can be too aggressive at times, silly mistakes causing him to miss out of the points or take someone out of the race, most ironically, the incident at the Turkey GP in 2011 when Vettel took out Red Bull team mate Mark Webber.

Although the Championship looks wrapped up; there is no reason why the last few races can be competitive. It isn’t over until the Fat Lady sings.

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