Farah and Bolt: Best Track Runners I have ever seen

Following further success at the Athletics World Championships in Moscow this summer; both Mo Farah and Usian Bolt have added to their remarkable feats in the sport, making them legends in the sports.

Mo Farah is perhaps now the most successful track runner from GB, as he replicated his Olympic heroics to make it two gold medals in both 5,000 and 10,000 meters. Farah became only the second man in history to hold both Olympic and World Championship gold medals in these two events. When I watch Farah it seems that he cruises the first leg of the race and manages to just change up the gears as he heads into the last 200 or so meters.

For Bolt, the legendary status grows as he again gained gold medals in 100 and 200 meters followed by gold in the 4×100 meter relay with his native Jamaica. For Usian, success has followed him ever since the Beijing Olympics back in 2008. Bolt is just explosive. He springs out the traps like a kangaroo and charges towards the finish line like a rodeo bull running towards the red towel.  No one can run as quick as him and he always breaks away from his opponents inside 40 meters.

The question now is where do these two legends go from here? Well for Mo Farah it seems that Marathon running is his most likely destination, with the London Marathon the target for the long distance runner.

For Bolt, it seems he will stick with the short distance running, with the commonwealth games in Glasgow next summer and Rio 2016 the main aims for the superstar.

A 600m charity race between these two has been rumoured around recently and this in my eyes would be a good advert for the sport. Who would win? I couldn’t say, both runners have opposing advantages and disadvantages. It will be interesting if this goes ahead, to see what race strategy both would take on.

These two though have earned legendary status and both will forever be remembered for there quality in the track.

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