Watch out for Welbeck this Season

In South Wales, a young English footballer became a man and an exciting prospect for the forthcoming season after an impressive performance on the opening weekend of the Premier League season. This player I am describing is of course Danny Welbeck.

The youngster had a good season last year; however the goals did dry up for the United striker, only one goal in twenty seven appearances in the league. He played deep for United and England last year and maybe that was his downfall as he provided the team he was playing for with strength, quality and power but no goals, and for strikers, goals is what makes them tick, makes them confident in their play and obviously gives them the big bucks and mega contracts, such as Michu and Lambert, who earned themselves improved contracts after impressive goal rates last term.

However this week we have seen a rejuvenated Danny Welbeck who seems more direct in his play, making more runs into the box and creating more goal scoring opportunities for himself. For England in midweek, Welbeck may not have had many opportunities but he made runs into the box that put him in the position to have a shot if the ball came to him, whereas last season he would have dropped off.

But yesterday Danny was rewarded for the new look English international, his persistence led to his first goal of the day as he ran into the space in the six yard box to tap in the ball after Valencia slid the ball into his wake. Then at the end of the game, Welbeck was put through by unsettled strike partner Wayne Rooney and the youngster confidently lobed the stranded Swansea goalkeeper Vorm to score a second, surpassing his goal record from last season in just 90 minutes of the current campaign.

After this performance, United and England fans should be confident that this could be the breakthrough season which turns Danny Welbeck from a talented youngster into possibly the next big thing up top for England in Rio next summer (if we get there) and United in the Champions League and for years to come for both.

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