Messi to appear in Court

Lionel Messi, the worlds’ greatest footballer, has been summoned to Court on 17th September over tax allegations. The four time world footballer of the year has been accused over not paying up around £3.4m to the Spanish authorities along with his father.

Currently, the Argentine’s average net salary at Barcelona is around £16m a year, making him one of the highest paid footballers on the globe as well as gaining cash from advertisement, most noticeably Adidas.

If the 25 year old is found guilty of these accusations along with his dad Jorge, then the superstar could face a lengthy 6 years imprisonment and a hefty fine according to the judge.

The pair has been given their full backing by FC Barcelona, claiming that they believe their most prized possession is innocent of these allegations and will continue to dominate on the football field.

Adidas have also come out to support their advertising idol, and claim that they will continue to work with the best footballer on the planet.

Although these allegations will no doubt be a blow to Messi’s reputation, as he will now not be seen as one of the games most humble figures.

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