Special return for the Special one?

After being defeated by Bourssia Dortmund in the Champions League semi-final last night, Jose Mourinho dropped his biggest hint yet that he could be making a dramatic return to England in the summer.

In an interview with ITV, Mourinho was asked if we would see him next season in the top European competition with the Spanish giants; “maybe not….” was the special one’s response. This was followed by the question “where?”- The Madrid boss replied “somewhere where I’m loved…” the interview was disappointingly shortened as ITV had to cut off.

In a later interview he expressed his love for the English fans, media and ‘especially one club’.  As speculation grows about the Portuguese manager’s future, Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez today declared it was none of his business and has a job to finish at the London club this season.

Chelsea does seem the most favoured destination for Mourinho if he does leave Madrid at the end of the season- although teams such as Manchester City and PSG may also be interested in the 3-times champions’ league wining coach.

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