2 German, 2 Spanish….But no English????

The semi-finals of this season’s Champions League will be contested by four clubs representing two nations- Spain and Germany.  So where does this leave English football as a pose to Spanish and German football. With no team representing England in the quarter finals this year, it seems that the football as hindered continentally whereas German football in particular has progressed.  

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are the two remaining German clubs; compared to Barcelona and Real Madrid who are representing the Spaniards. All four teams have prevailed in games against British outfit which furthermore questions if England has the best league in Europe. Munich destroyed Arsenal at the Emirates in the last 16; although Arsenal did fight back at the Allianz. However the first leg display by the newly crowned Bundesliga champions proved that they are a force to deal with. In their quarter final, they stuffed Juventus 4-0 on aggregate, a team that had smashed both Chelsea and Celtic earlier in the competition.

Dortmund really showed their attacking force against Manchester City in the group phrase. The premier league champions were unable to hold back wave after wave of yellow and black. Players such as Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski destroy defences although the team only just managed to make the final four after two very late goals against Malaga gave them a 3-2 win.

Real Madrid have played Manchester City and Manchester United this campaign, and they were comfortable throughout- be it thanks to a little help from the referees. Jose has got his team playing again after a slow start and now hopes to achieve the ultimate objective for many Madrid coach, a 10th European cup. The team from the Spanish capital overcame Turkish giants Galatasaary to make it to the Semis.

Barcelona are well…Barcelona. Although this year they haven’t hit top gear in the competition and have had some scares along the way. Defeat to Celtic in the group stages followed by a 2-0 defeat in Italy to AC Milan showed the continent that this Catalan team aren’t as solid at the back as they were a few seasons back, and it took that little argentine to help secure a sixth successive season in the final 4 of the Champions League.

So back to the dilemma of the English clubs- they all played these teams at some stage and failed to win. But I believe the reason for this is because we have a far more competitive league. Our clubs play bigger games then our “friends” abroad. For example, Man United could have to play Tottenham on Saturday, Dortmund on Wednesday and then Arsenal the following Sunday- competing for the Premier League title.  Teams like Madrid, Barcelona, Munich and Dortmund haven’t got competition in their leagues and can fully focus on Champions League glory.  

I believe that England has the most competitive league in the world, because anyone can beat anyone and places in the Champions league are fiercely fought for each year whereas continentally you can tell who will make the champions league etc.

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