PSG: All about the Money?

After the 2-2 with Barcelona last night, many still fancy PSG to make the semi finals of the Champions League. This is a huge achievement by the club, who let’s not forget, were mingling in mid-table in Ligue 1 before the rich Qatar owners took over the club. The team from the French capital have revolutionised hope of domination both domestically and continentally but is it because of the players they have now in their team? More importantly is it because of the football or the money?

PSG are perhaps the most backed club financially in the world; the team that played last night in the Champions League quarter final against Barcelona cost around £250 million pounds. Obviously the owners want PSG to become the biggest club in the world- but are they just “buying” their way there, or is the football that the team play making the headlines?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the man leading the French club up front and the Swedish international is happy to be the man leading the team towards world domination. He was sold to PSG by AC Milan for 20 million Euros but the striker’s wages are what anger some football fans around the world. He is on a massive £250,000 a week but that’s not the end of it. PSG pay for the taxation for the striker’s home in Paris which means the Swede gets in fact around £500,000-600,000 a week.

He is however, putting the goals in for PSG- including a goal last night against Barcelona, but is the striker focused on the football or the money?

Another player to move to the French capital for huge amounts of money is defender Thiago Silva- again from AC Milan. He cost double the price for Ibrahimovic as the French club paid 42 million Euros for the centre half’s services.  Another blockbuster contract sees Silva earn 7.5 million a year- just to kick a ball around remember!

Some will argue that even David Beckham has joined PSG for the money that he can donate to charity. At 37, Beckham hasn’t got the same legs as before and cannot complete a full match like before, but the ex-Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy midfielder proved last night against the Spanish giants that he still has what it takes to play on the biggest stage in European football.

PSG will no doubt be one of the biggest clubs in the world for years to come, but only because of the finances they have now- forget the money, and play the game.

One thought on “PSG: All about the Money?

  1. Do you think it´s worth giving a second chance & needed development time to make dreams come true for Young English players while adding The Spanish Way to English Grit as what @nextstarsnet is doing?

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