BALE: world class?

Gareth Bale is at the centre of the footballing world at the moment. Let’s be honest, he is scoring for fun at Spurs. He is in the form of his career and he is quite possibly the best player in Europe right now. He is one of the biggest success stories of this generation. But should the Welsh winger be considered as World Class?
People could say yes. Like I said he is in the form of his life. He is consistently performing at the highest level which he struggled to have in seasons gone by. Gareth Bale torments full backs all across Europe. We saw this on the big stage a few years ago in the Champions League; where he utterly destroyed Inter Milan full back Maicon in the San Siro (a game in which the Welshman scored a hat-trick). Every week domestically, he seems to be scoring wonder goals with ease, including last nights’ winner against West Ham United. He has grown stronger mentally and physically. He is strong on the ball and has fantastic movement off the ball.
Other footballing fans would disagree, saying that he isn’t world class. Compared to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale isn’t as consistent or technically as good. Ronaldo and Messi for the past couple of seasons have always scored at least 30 goals a season and grab the headlines in every game. Gareth Bale has been quiet in certain games against the bigger teams in the past although now he seems to be coping against the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United.
After being asked about his own thoughts on how good he is; Gareth Bale last night told Talksport Radio “I’m just focusing on playing my football, at the moment I’m enjoying my Football and if people in the media want to say stuff about me its fine, I can’t stop that”. This shows that Gareth is a down to earth guy, not really paying much attention to the media and is fully focused on himself, the team and more importantly his football.

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